Squanto Bluetooth Finder - SQ-029WS
Squanto Bluetooth Finder - SQ-029WS
Squanto Bluetooth Finder - SQ-029WS

Squanto Bluetooth Finder - SQ-029WS

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Squanto Bluetooth Finder 


This ultra slimline, Squanto Bluetooth Finder is ideal for keeping track or your phone, keys, purse, handbag, camera bag - anything small that you can easily lose around the house.

Free iOS or Android app - very easy to use. Just tap the bell icon in the app and the device beeps loudly and a bright red LED lights up on the device.
You can also find your phone even when it's on silent by pressing the button on the device (now that's a good idea!)
In camera mode you can use the finder to take selfies - just press the button and your phone will take a pic.
There is a disconnection alert available to prevent you leaving anything at home that you need like your wallet or purse etc. It can also use your home or office wifi as a safe zone. If you allow the app access to your phone's location services then it will save the GPS coordinates of where it was last active which could come in handy.
Bluetooth range is up to 50m in an open space, but it's most effective at 10-15m at home.
Very small & light - only 37 x 37 x 6.2mm
Uses a standard CR2016 battery (included) - should last about 5-6 months on standby. Replacement batteries are widely available and easy to find. You can see the battery level in the app so you will know if it's getting low.
Waterproof to IP66 standard

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