Using your tracker

Your tracker arrives set up and ready to use. We have preconfigured all the required settings and pre-installed the giffgaff O2 PAYG SIM card for you. All you need to do is put credit on the SIM, switch the tracker on, download the app and login using the details in the box! It's that simple!

Your tracker works via text messages, our free APP and the website tracking platform.


First of all you need to activate the Giffgaff (O2) PAYG SIM Card. Inside the box there is a plastic giffgaff outer card that has a 6 character code. Go to and click on ‘Activate a SIM’ and enter this 6 letter code. This gives you an extra £5 free on top of the minimum initial top up, which is £10 (so £15 for £10).

After activation go to the giffgaff account home page and your phone number will be on the screen. You will also get an email from giffgaff with your phone number on it.


To turn your unit on press and hold the power button. The lights come on (green & blue or orange & blue depending on your model).

After a short time the green light will start to flash. This means that the unit has a mobile internet data connection.

After a short time the blue light will start to flash. This means that the unit has a GPS connection. This will only happen once a GPS connection is made and may not happen when indoors or underground. If the blue light doesn’t flash take the unit outside where it can make a connection more easily.

The first time you connect it may take a while to find a satellite, after the first time it will find a signal quickly.

To turn the unit off completely please press the power button, release and press it again straight away (like a double click). This will power your unit off and it can only be used if you turn it on again with the power button.


Your tracker is often set up to go to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity (receiving or sending text messages). This mode saves the battery and data usage but it is not transmitting its location and will appear as ‘offline’ in the App or Web portal.

You can use the text location function to find your unit while it is asleep, or you can wake it up so you can live track and use the app.

You cannot use the App, Web portal or the Geo-fence alarms when the unit is in sleep mode.

Switching between sleep on and off

There are two options you can use to wake up and keep your tracker awake. To turn the sleep mode off and leave your tracker permanently turned on send the following message:

Sleep123456[space]off  (please type a space after the number 6)

  • Please note if you have changed the default password from 123456 to another 6 digit number you will need to replace the 123456 for your own password. Please refer to the detailed user guide on how to do this.

Your tracker will remain on at all times and you can use text, the app or the web portal to locate or live track your unit. In this mode you will also be able to see the history of where your tracker has gone (up to a year’s route history) and use some of the features like the geo-fence, or the alarms.

  • Please note to use geo-fence and alarm functions you must set an Admin number first (please see below.)

When you want to put the unit back into sleep mode (to save the battery & data usage) send the following text:


Sleep Shock

In this mode your tracker will wake up when it detects movement and stay awake for as long as it is moving and for 5 minutes after it stops moving after which it will go into sleep mode. It will then wake up again when it moves and continue on this cycle until you take it out of sleep shock mode or the battery runs out. This setting minimises data usage & maximises battery life plus it will show you where the tracker is 24/7 on the map in the app or website tracking platform.

To use sleep shock please send the following message:


To put the unit to sleep send the following message:


Or turn on live tracking send the following message:



You can locate your tracker in a couple of ways; by text message, using the free App (when awake) or via the website (when awake).

Please see the sleep descriptions above to turn the sleep mode on and off.

Via Text

In order to receive text replies please set an admin number first - to do this text the device:

Admin123456 xxxxxxxxxxx (type a space after the 6 and the x's are your own mobile phone number)

You can then send a text message from your phone to the SIM card in the tracker and receive a google maps link back giving the trackers location. To do this send the following text message:


You will receive a message back. Click on the link and it will open a google maps screen on your smartphone showing you the location of your tracker.

  • If your tracker is asleep when you send the message you may receive two replies. The first is the location the tracker was before it went to sleep (its last location). After 60 seconds or so you will receive another message with the current location. The difference between these two messages is the letters within the message. If it has the letters V:V in the message then it is the last location. If it has the letters V:A in the message then it is the current location.

 Via the APP

For iOS devices visit the App store and search for Squanto GPS. Download and install the app. For Android users search for Squanto GPS in Google Play

Once installed and opened you will have 3 boxes that you need to fill in.

Please make sure along the bottom of the app screen you have ‘login by IMEI’ selected.


The server is: (or for certain models)

The IMEI is the unique 10 digit number printed on the back of your unit or can be found within the location text reply message.

The password is 123456. This can be changed once you have logged in to the web portal at - top right corner - it can't be changed in the app itself. 

Via the Website

Go to and fill in the same details as above to access the online portal. From here you can track your unit, view up to a year’s worth of history and set geo-fence alerts plus change the password.


In order to use the geo-fence, low battery alert, SOS button, alert settings etc. you must first set an admin number. This will mean the tracker will only communicate with your phone and no one else can access its location.

To do this send the following message:

Admin123456[space]XXXXXXXXXXX (where the X's are your own mobile phone number)

  • IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the number is correct before you send the message. If you make a mistake and send the wrong admin number you will no longer be able to use your tracker as it will only respond to the incorrect phone number which is now set as the admin number!

You will receive a reply ‘admin ok’. You can only set 1 admin number at a time.

To remove the admin number send the following message from the phone that is the admin number:

Noadmin123456[space]XXXXXXXXXXX (again, where the X's are the current admin phone number)


Your tracker can be used in many different ways. You can track people, children, elderly or infirm relatives, or pets, classic cars, bicycles, mopeds & motorbikes. Whatever you want!

In deciding how to use you tracker consider the following:

Single use (lowest cost):

For single use, going to the park or for a long walk, trip to the shops, luggage etc. we recommend you have the unit in sleep mode. When you arrive at your destination send ‘sleep123456[space]off’ to the tracker. You can then locate and track your unit while going for your walk etc. When you are ready to go home you can send the message ‘sleep123456’ to the unit to put it back to sleep.

You can also just send the message G123456# for the current location. The tracker will wake up, send you its location and then go back into sleep mode to conserve the battery.

On-going use:

For pet owners concerned their pet may escape their house / garden etc. or if you want to be able to locate and track your unit at all times, or if you want to use the geo-fence option we recommend turning the sleep mode off and leaving the tracker on all the time ( text sleep123456 off ) or using the Sleep Shock mode (text sleep123456 shock ) In sleep shock mode the tracker will wake up and go into live tracking mode whenever it is moved and back into standby mode to save the battery and data usage when stationary for a few minutes. We have found this is the most popular setting as it's very convenient and you can track in real time in the app whenever it's moving.

To set a geo-fence virtual boundary, use the geo-fence option within the app. The tracker will send you a text message when the geo-fence boundary is crossed. If the battery gets to 10% the unit will send you a text message to remind you to charge it.

  • You must have an admin number set in order to receive these messages.

Vehicle use:

For vehicle tracking we suggest having your unit permanently powered on by using the hardwire kit provided and attaching it to the battery of your vehicle. Send the text sleep123456[space]off and your unit will always be powered on. You can then set geo-fence boundaries around your property, car park, station car park etc. and be alerted if your vehicle moves outside of these areas.

  • You must have an admin number set in order to receive text alerts from the unit.

You can also use the sleep shock mode for your vehicle, please see above for details on how to set this mode.


Our customer service team are happy to help with any questions or comments you might have.

You can contact us via our website contact form or direct by sending an email to

If you are having trouble using your tracker, it has stopped working or you have questions on its use, please take a look at the FAQ’s under the manuals tab, or download our customer issues form and email it to us at the above address.

Thank you for using our Squanto range of GPS Trackers.