About Us

Squanto GPS Trackers is the product of 2 dads with children of a similar age, both worrying about their burgeoning desire for a little independence. Whilst not wanting to give them smartphones, they decided to try and find a portable tracker so that should their children ever get into any difficulties they could always know exactly where they were at the touch of a button on their phone.

It gave them both phenomenal peace of mind and it quickly became clear from talking to friends and relatives that they weren’t the only ones who would be keen on having such a device to track anything cherished including not just children, but also pets, classic cars & camper vans, elderly or infirm relatives (particularly those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s), bicycles, suitcases, valuable cargo etc and so in 2014 Squanto was born…

The aim is simple – to provide the most effective & easy to use GPS mini trackers at an affordable price without any ongoing subscriptions or annual fees.

A GPS tracker is effectively a mini satnav that can tell a server exactly where it is using the sim inside. The user logs in to the server via the app or website tracking portal and can then see the tracker moving in real time on the map.

All our trackers are as ‘technophobe’ proof as possible – they come with a  preinstalled & preconfigured sim – all you have to do is activate the sim, download the app, switch the tracker on and login to the app via the details provided in the box – it’s that simple! As you own the sim, you can top up easily in future and control exactly how much you spend.

We're a UK company and we pride ourselves in our customer service - please feel free to get in touch with us about anything at all!

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